Travel Information

[Access to Kiryu City]

[1] By High-way Buss
There are direct access to the conference site from both Tokyo/Narita, Tokyo/Haneda airports by taking highway bus toward Kiryu city, Gunma Prefecture.

a) Narita Airport to Kiryu City 
Destination: /Ashikaga(Tochigi)/Sano (Tochigi)/Kiryu

Expect Cost: 4400 yen/person
Departure Time: 8:20/13:55/15:20/16:45/19:35
Bus Stop (at Narita airport): No. 8 at terminal 1(1F)


b) Haneda Airport to Kiryu City
Destination: /Tatebayashi/Oizumi/Ota/Kiryu/Isesaki

Expect Cost: 3400 yen/person
Departure Time: 16:20/18:20/20:20/22:35
Bus Stop (at Haneda airport): No. 1 at International terminal (1F)


[2] By Train

There are multiple choises access to the Kiryu city. We are expecting three times transit from the airport to be the city of Kiryu (Gunma Prefecture).


a) JR Line (JR Kiryu Station, central downtown)

about 45 min. from JR Takasaki Station toward Oyama

about 55 min. from JR Oyama Station toward Takasaki


b) Tobu Railway

(Tobu Shin-Kiryu Station, suburbs from central Kiryu)

about 1 hr. 40 min. from Asakusa Station



[Access to Conference Site]

Kiryu City Performing Arts Center

Address: 2-5 Orihimecho, Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture 376-0024


Tel: +81-277-40-1500


[1] From JR Kiryu Station

a) By walk
Around 15 minutes

b) By Bus (Toward Shin Kiryu Station)
Around 3 minutes 

Bus Time Table (Japanese)

[2] From Shin-Kiryu Station
a) By walk
Around 20 minutes

b) By Bus (Toward JR Kiryu Station)
Around 11 minutes 

Bus Time Table (Japanese)